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Fuel Sender for 1970-78 Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z with Factory Equipped Fuel Gauge

$130.00 USD

Our custom built fuel sender is matched for use with the original 1970-78 Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z factory fuel gauge. It can be mounted to any of our poly tanks and even the factory steel S30 fuel tanks where a diameter of 3.00" of flat surface area resides along with a depth of at least 10.50".

NOTE: This is a vertically mounted sender and it requires it's own drilled mounting holes. It will not secure on the factory fuel sender locking ring.

This 3-wire sender includes an internal switch that can be connected to the factory wire harness to activate the low level fuel warning lamp (on equipped models) in the drivers cabin.
Included is an installation kit featuring a nitrile rubber gasket, five-hole threaded steel C-ring clamp (used to compress the sender flange/gasket and seal the sender to the poly tank), five-piece stainless steel hardware set, and instructions sheet.

Made from SUS 316 stainless steel
Mounting flange outer diameter: 2.70 inches (69mm)
Center hole size required: 1.50 inches (38mm)
Length: 10.0 inches (254mm)
Voltage range: 12V to 14V
Low Level Switch Amperage Range: 150mA (nominal) to 300mA (maximum)

Modification of the factory fuel sender wire harness plug may be necessary for installation. Pump gasoline, E85, and diesel fuel resistant.

NOTE: This sender will work with programmable fuel gauges which have an impedance range from 0 to 300 ohms.

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