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1970-1976 Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z Poly Fuel Tank for In-Tank RetroFit Fuel Modules

$800.00 USD

Applications: 1970 through 07/1976 production (only models equipped with a full size spare tire well) including Nissan Fairlady Z models, fits all coupe and 2+2 models.

For an overview of our poly tank, please visit the Our Poly Tank Solution, FAQ, and Gallery pages.

If choosing this poly tank, may we suggest the following accessories:
(1) Fuel Tank Insulator Pad Set -designed specifically for this model tank
(1) Fastener Set -required for the original 240Z and early 260Z oem steel fuel tank bands as the original hardware will not be long enough to secure this poly tank
(1) Fuel Tank Rubber Strap Set -original rubber strapping degrades over time
(1) Custom built fuel sender -if using a factory fuel gauge or programmable gauge

NOTE: If using a standard non-programmable aftermarket fuel gauge such as Autometer, VDO, Equus, GlowShift, etc an impedance (ohms range) matching fuel sender will be required. We suggest sourcing a vertically mounted sender solution with a fuel resistant rubber gasket and steel c-ring with hardware (as seen included with our custom sender) to secure the unit to the poly tank.

Fuel Pump Options (sold by online vendors):
-If using an external mechanical fuel pump, a Tanks Inc Bolt In Pickup Assembly or similar unit is recommended.
-If using an external electric fuel pump (low or high pressure), a Tanks Inc Bolt In Pickup Assembly or similar unit is recommended.
-If a low or high pressure internal fuel pump is required, an in-tank retrofit fuel pump hanger is recommended. Suggested brands include: Holley, Tanks Inc, RCI.

NOTE: If your vehicle is going to be used for autocross, road racing, drifting, or competitive events then additional accessories may be required such as a Holley HydraMat®, baffle balls, foam baffling, or additional fuel pick-ups within the tank.

-Made from cross-linked polyethylene
-Lightweight one-piece design (13-pounds VS oem at 18-22 pounds)
-Thick walled construction and impact resistant
-Internal baffle wall helps to control side-to-side fuel slosh
-Slash cut corners to aid in exhaust pipe clearance
-UV, chemical, and corrosion resistant
-Integrated rear diffuser
-For use with the oem fuel tank bands and oem filler tube

-16.0 US Gallons
-Gasoline and ethanol (flex-fuel/E85) compatible
-Offered only in the color black

The flat upper fuel component mounting pad dimensions are:
-Length 8.75" (222mm)
-Width 7.50" (191mm)
-Max depth 10.48" (266mm)

Please view our 1970 to 1976 Gallery Page for additional photos and component placement suggestions.

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