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Our Poly Tank Solution

Our direct replacement, customizable, and lightweight polyethylene fuel tanks are a modern version of the heavy original 1970s steel units. They will never become susceptible to corrosion, dents, rust, or clogged internal fuel tubes which can choke fuel delivery. They are fabricated from the same high density thermoplastic materials which most auto manufacturers use today on current production vehicle fuel tanks.

During development we addressed a variety of revisions which led to the unique designs we now offer while still resembling the overall shape of the original steel tanks. The greatest benefit to this design is the ability to quickly and easily mount the latest in-tank fuel pump modules and fuel gauge senders directly on the tank.

Unlike a fuel cell or universal fuel tank, there's no cutting and welding, no modifying the hatch floor, and no need to remove the spare tire well from the vehicle. Installation is the same as the factory tank utilizing the original steel fuel tank bands and long fuel filler tube.

VTS fuel tanks offer added benefits such as weight reduction, thick wall construction, a large baffle wall, and ethanol resistance. When installed, our poly tanks look similar to the originals, but with subtle added features and design elements to improve functionality and overall vehicle flow.

Our poly tanks don't include molded in barbs or ports for fuel hose connections like a factory steel fuel tank. Instead our tank is to be used exclusively with retrofit fuel components which include their own integrated ports for fuel feed, fuel return, and venting. The large flat area above the filler neck on each tank has been designed to provide the installation space required for such components both internally and externally. This allows for in-tank retrofit fuel pump hangers, fuel pick-up assemblies (for external fuel pumps), and modern fuel gauge senders (float, probe, and remote-sensing) to be surface mount installed and not contact the bottom of the hatch floor. View our FAQs, Install Videos, and 70-76 Gallery or 77-78 Gallery for examples of how these components are used with our tank.

We also offer our own custom fuel sender that is matched for use with the original 1970-78 Datsun 240Z/260Z/280Z and Nissan Fairlady Z factory fuel gauge or any programmable fuel gauge. Additional info can be found on the Fuel Sender page.

To install a fuel component on our poly tank, simply mark and drill the hole sizes suggested by the manufacturer and install per their instructions. Rubber gaskets such as nitrile, neoprene, and viton are the recommended materials to properly seal fuel components against the surface of the polyethylene tank.